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Ozzie Jurock

Ozzie’s Inner Circle  closed group.

Ozzie private consultations  booked till January 12, 2024.  

Ozzie Jurock is a prolific speaker (some say he just likes to talk a lot!). He is available for business functions as a forecaster on interest rateseconomic outlook with a definite bend on real estate related issues. As one of Canada's leading business motivators, Ozzie has a unique approach to the new millennium. He has a no-nonsense presentation, that allows for facts, forecasts, and motivation with humour.

Having managed large corporations (in excess of $500 million in revenue) with sales forces over 7,000 people and having lived and worked in Asia he has a unique perspective of what is needed in the new millennium ... not just in the real estate sector, but business in general.

Ozzie created the Real Estate Action Group. Graduates became leaders, multiple award winners (including Oscar) and 89 percent of members in the group became millionaires after 3 years (2017).

Rates of engagement range from $2,500 - $15,000 depending on 'in-house' - company event, public event or 'in house' training modules. Ask for a quote for your event, email oz@jurock.com

Speech topics you can book Ozzie Jurock for:

1. Real Estate and Economic outlook Canada's leading real estate forecaster. Delivered with humor, computer generated presentation. $2,500 - $5,000

2. How to separate yourself from the crowd in 2024 "17 success secrets of top producing people." 1 hour zoom presentation to your company: $2,500.

3. Guaranteed building of a real estate portfolio. 1 hour zoom presentation to your company: $2,500.

4. Any speech combination open to the public: $5,000.

We endeavor to keep the seminar section up to date, however, for information on upcoming seminars in YOUR area please call (604) 683-1111 or e-mail oz@jurock.com.

Upcoming Events with Ozzie Jurock


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